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Modular design Smart card for quick and easy field changeover Supercap UPS with power failure alarms  BT Travel time and V2I cards
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Standard SNMP and Syslog works with Solarwinds

Designed and tested with the latest SCATS® software

High temperature operation  VDSL2 and Fibre ready

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The Micro Connect LCM RE – (Standing for Rack Expansion) is the latest in the line of Linking Communications Modules.  This is a modular design that allows customers to choose cards based on their individual requirements.
Expansion card options are varied and can consist of xDSL (ADSL,VDSL), 4G, Ethernet and SFP Fibre uplinks. Bluetooth travel time cards along with V2I are also available.


  • 3G/4G/4GX
  • Single and 4 port Ethernet
  • VLAN including 802.11q trunking
  • Dual Fibre SFP card
  • Failover support
  • Flexible card based design
  • Future cards for different tecnologies

Other Downloads are available via our secure customer portal site for registered customers only.  Please contact us if you require more information

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