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Ethernet WAN and LAN with full routing Smart card for quick and easy field changeover Supercap UPS with power failure alarms  Dual powered AUX serial port for Bluetooth Travel time
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Standard Syslog logging, works with Orion NPM

Designed and tested with the latest SCATS® software

High temperature operation  Add on modules for Fibre and VDSL2 (in development) 


The latest in the range of SCATS® compatible linking equipment is the EW LCM.
The EW version allows for direct Ethernet connection and is designed for use with an NBN type of connection to a traffic signals controller. It is fully compatible with the existing micro connect LCM management tools and monitoring systems.  The EW LCM has provisions for a Fibre SFP and VDSL2 module powered and incorporated as part of the LCM along with 2 x powered AUX serial ports to connect Bluetooth travel time logging equipment.


  • 1 x 10/100M Fast Ethernet LAN port
  • 1 x 10/100M Fast Ethernet WAN port
  • 2 x AUX serial ports (capable of powering the Bluetooth tracking module)
  • 1 x RS232 Traffic signals controller DB9 with quick disconnect clips
  • IEC with built in locking to ensure it does not dislodge
  • USB 2.0 console cable – uses same LCM configuration utility 
  • 7 second Supercap internal UPS with power fail alarms
  • Encrypted Smart Card for configuration (smaller sim size)
  • High temperature operating – 70 Deg C
  • Dust covers on USB, AUX and Ethernet ports
  • PPPoE on WAN port
  • Full routing only requires 1 x IP address on WAN port
  • LAN port for CCTV ext connection
  • Smaller size than current LCM models
  • Same mounting spacing as other LCM products  


Configuration Smart Card (Sim Size)
Universal PSC- TSC/4 cable
Older Controller cables, Delta 3/5 - PTF
Vertical mounting bracket
Configuration Software
V-Lock IEC power cable (country specific)

Product Datasheet 

Other Downloads are available via our secure customer portal site for registered customers only.  Please contact us if you require more information


®SCATS is a registered trade mark of RMS in NSW.